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Mastering Fascinator Elegance: A Quick Guide on how to wear a fascinator

Mastering Fascinator Elegance: A Quick Guide on how to wear a fascinator

Step 1 Identify the Correct Side: Hold the fascinator inside out, ensuring you can read the “Maaneh Millinery” tag in the front direction. This is the designed side.

Step 2 Elastic Band Placement: If your fascinator has an elastic band, place it behind your ears and around the nape of your neck—never under your chin. This common mistake can detract from the charm of the design.

Step 3 Secure the Elastic Band: Pull the elastic band over your head and let it sit comfortably by your cervical area (nape area) behind the ears. Release your hair from the band as you would with a ponytail.



Step 4 Positioning the Fascinator: Pull the fascinator up to your forehead at the desired angle. For extra support, use pins to secure the elastic band.

Step 5 Choosing the Right Side: Traditionally, if you have no parting, wear the fascinator on the right. Otherwise, use it to cover your parting, ensuring the opposite side is all hair, not roots.

Step 6 Placement Above the Eyebrow: Position the fascinator just above your right or left eyebrow, depending on your hair parting. Leaning towards either side adds a touch of chic elegance.

Step 7 Explore Angles: Experiment with angles—wearing the fascinator towards the front center is bold, but tilting it to the side exudes sophistication.

Step 8 Adjust to Your Style: Play around with the design, making adjustments until it aligns perfectly with your unique style.

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