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DIY Ideas on what to do with old derby hats and fascinators

DIY ideas on what to do with your old worn derby hats and fascinators

If you have old Derby hat ideas that you no longer plan to pursue or use, there are several thoughtful and sustainable options for handling them:

  1. Optimize the use: Try to make small tweaks to the hat and you can use the same hat for semi-formal to informal occasions like wedding parties, brunch, tennis match, chruch, christmas or even as a casual summer resort hat, if it is large brim.                                                                                              
  2. Donate: Consider donating your old Derby hat ideas to local schools, art programs, or community groups. They might be useful for art and craft projects, fashion design classes, or other creative endeavors.

  3. Gift for next generation: Preserve a gift for the next generation by storing your old Derby hats in Maaneh Millinery collapsible boxes, accompanied by a photograph of yourself wearing each hat. Safeguard these classic fascinator hats for your niece, daughter, or granddaughter. When they come of age, they will appreciate these timeless hat pieces as cherished heirlooms, akin to precious jewelry. This act fosters an emotional connection, serving as a reminder of you. Fashion trends often cycle, and items deemed unsuitable for a certain period usually regain relevance. Prioritize storing hats and fascinators with enduring styles, such as classic or floral designs, as they tend to remain perennially stylish. You can gift them during special occasions like wedding, engagement, birthday or christmas.                                          
  4. Share with Fellow Creatives: Share your ideas with other milliners or creative individuals who might find inspiration in them. Collaborating or exchanging ideas can lead to new and exciting projects.

  5. Upcycling: Transform your old hat ideas into new creations through upcycling. Repurpose materials or elements from the hats to create something fresh and unique. For example, you can dismantle the old derby hat and use the fabrics to make pocket square for your boyfriend/ husband or use it to give a fresh look to the old flower vase that may be sitting in your house or make a hand towel basket to put in powder bathroom or use feathers to make DIY birds nest in your garden or make a broach for your party dress. The ideas are just endless.    

  6. Trade-in: Some millinery companies offer a buy back program like how you would trade in your used ipad or iphone for a new latest phone. Just send in a picture, to the milliner, of your old hat from different angles and you can buy in a new hat and they will adjust the difference. This process is an environmentally friendly approach as well.

  7. Mentoring: If you have aspiring milliners or designers in your network, consider mentoring them by sharing your old hat ideas. This can provide valuable learning experiences for others.

  8. Art Installation: If your old hat ideas have artistic or sculptural qualities, consider creating an art installation. This could be displayed in a gallery, studio, backyard patio garden or even a public space.

  9. Sell or Auction: If your old Derby hat ideas have unique or classic appeal, you could consider selling them or auctioning them online like on amazon, facebook, craigslist or the nearest local store like Macys or Target. This allows others to appreciate and own a piece of your creative history.

  10. Photography Project: Hire a photographer to capture professional images of your old hat ideas. These images can be used in portfolios, promotional materials, or even turned into art prints.

Remember that letting go of old ideas can be a positive step in making room for new, innovative creations. Whether through sharing, repurposing, or preserving, finding a purpose for your old Derby hat ideas can contribute to the sustainability and growth of your creative journey.

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