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Welcome to Maaneh Millinery, where fashion and culture intertwine to empower women through exquisite hat designs that harmoniously blend tradition and modernity. At Maaneh Millinery, we believe that hats possess the power to make a statement, provoke emotions, and transcend cultural boundaries. Our designs speak volumes, enabling women to express their individuality and celebrate their heritage in style.

Founded by Nirali Rangwala, a trailblazing Indian milliner, Maaneh Millinery is a rare gem in the industry. With a background in Systems and Aerospace engineering from Cornell University, Nirali's passion for hats and her inclination towards the nerdy side of her brain led her to discover the captivating world of millinery. Hailing from Louisville, the renowned home of the Kentucky Derby, Nirali's love for hats blossomed, and she immersed herself in the art of crafting headgear which led to establishment of Maaneh Millinery in 2017.

"Maaneh" is a word of Sanskrit origin whereby it means an expensive piece of jewellery that can boast your poise. Each meticulously handcrafted accessory accentuates your beauty, showcasing an effortless fusion of unconventional fabrics and masterful techniques. Our designs epitomize perfection, celebrating individuality, craftsmanship, and the power of expression. Maaneh Millinery—a brand that elevates your style.


At Maaneh Millinery, we believe in celebrating your individuality. Our collection boasts a plethora of one-of-a-kind options, carefully curated to match every mood and occasion. From bold and sexy statements to fun and whimsical creations, from serious and sophisticated designs to majestic and regal headpieces, our hats are designed to complement your unique vision. What sets us apart is our commitment to never repeating colors and designs, ensuring that each piece is truly one of a kind.


Having served over 500 unique creations, Maaneh Millinery delights in catering to patrons around the globe through various platforms. Our commitment lies in preserving traditions while infusing a chic and contemporary touch into the art of millinery.  We invite you to embrace your femininity, elegance, and authenticity through our timeless pieces.