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Arabella- beige fascinator with dusky pink flower mount

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Beige fascinator with twirls and dusky pink flower and feather mount creating an ombre effect.

This is a special piece part of our derby collection 2024. This fascinator can also be used elevate the overall look styled for various occasions, such as formal events or stylish informal outings like brunch, wedding events, mother of groom bride, polo match etc.

More than a mere head-turner, this fascinator subtly enhances your facial features while discreetly masking premature greys or sparse hair growth. Its timeless design not only adds an illusion of height but also effortlessly rescues you from any bad hair day. Elevate your style effortlessly with this versatile headdress that seamlessly combines fashion with functionality, leaving you confidently poised for any occasion or make your loved one feel special with a unique luxury gifting.

We welcome minor modifications to cater to your unique style preferences, and the price can be adjusted based on the intricacy you desire. Reach out to us at to discuss your customization needs further. It's important to note that our hats and fascinators are exclusively crafted, and we encourage individuality by avoiding replicating the same design in different colors.

Woven abaca fiber fabric, craft feathers

Black elastic band that hides well in your hair. Universal size that can fit anyone

10.5 inch diameter