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Fashion Fusion: Crafting the Perfect Ensemble with the Right Hat-titude!

Fashion Fusion: Crafting the Perfect Ensemble with the Right Hat-titude!

Pairing Outfit Colors with your Hat

If you’ve always wondered how fashionistas find it so easy to match outfit colors and make everything look so perfect and compatible, this is the right place for you! Today, we’re going to tell you about the color wheel and how it will help you match your outfit color with your accessories, specifically, your hat! So, get ready to come out of your comfort zone and experiment! 

The Color Wheel

Yes, we’re not in kindergarten, but trust me, this is the simplest way to understand the compatibility of different colors!

Red, yellow and blue are the primary colors.

Secondary colors are formed by mixing any of the two above colors. Examples of secondary colors are green, purple and orange.

Tertiary colors are formed by mixing a secondary and a primary color.

Neutral colors, not shown in the color wheel above, include black, white, nude, grey, brown, and beige, amongst others.

Now, let’s move on and see how this helps us match our hats with our outfits.

  • Color matching tip # 1:

If you’re wearing a shirt with a primary color, wear a hat on top of the same color! The hat and the outfit complement and accentuate each other this way! 

  • Tip # 2:

Complementary colors make a good hat-outfit pair!

They’re situated exactly opposite to one another on the wheel e.g., blue and orange. While they may seem weird together on screen, these are actually compatible and give a great outlook when applied! Pair your blue-violet short with a yellow-orange hat and see the magic for yourself!

  • Tip # 3:

Pick a color and wear a hat of its neighboring color. This is called analogous pairing and works just great!

  • Tip # 4:

You can never go wrong with a neutral. If you don’t have enough time to decide and pair colors from the color wheel, just pick a neutral hat! It will go with every outfit color!

The ultimate tip is to be confident in whatever you choose! Don’t shy away from bright hat colors just because you’re afraid they might look odd. Experiment and evolve! Pair your dress outfits with our premium hats at www.maanehmillinery.com.

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