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Tang - rollable chic white visor sun hat

SKU: 01 2022 ZT AWH 0081
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White synthetic straw capeline visor sun hat with cotton hatband

Enhance your summer ensemble with this white visor sun hat. This handmade fashionable and sophisticated headpiece is designed to elevate the overall look styled for various occasions, such as semi formal summer events or stylish informal outings.

This hat is the perfect accessory for a day at the beach to bump up to a more modern overall look from a casual look. Handcrafted with durable, water resistant polystraw, this lightweight hat is travel friendly easily rollable and can fit in your purse. It is perfect for beach vacations, destination beach weddings, summer gatherings like music concerts, garden boho brunch luncheon party, pool parties or sailing yacht week trips, watching tennis match or golf tournament while protecting your eyes and skin from harsh UV sun-rays.

We encourage you to play around with the visor with different dresses like blue denim Jeans, swim wear, flowy summer resort wear dress, kaftans, sports track pants leggings etc.   

We welcome minor modifications to cater to your unique style preferences, and the price can be adjusted based on the intricacy you desire. Reach out to us at maanehmillinery@gmail.com to discuss your customization needs further. It's important to note that our hats and fascinators are exclusively crafted, and we encourage individuality by avoiding replicating the same design in different colors.

Braided poly straw visor, cotton hatband

Ideal for 22 inch head size. Adjustment for different head sizes is easily achieved through the back strap

Length 13 inch