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Sepede-Funky rollable navy blue sun visor

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Experience the perfect blend of sophistication and effortless style with our beautifully handcrafted navy blue sun visor, adorned with embroidered motif that effortlessly complements any ensemble with a subtle, yet striking and funky young accent.
Handcrafted from durable, water-resistant straw, this lightweight visor embodies travel-friendly luxury, easily stowable in your handbag for spontaneous getaways. Whether lounging at the beach, elevating your casual day look, or adding a touch of sophistication to your summer gatherings, this visor is your ultimate everyday accessory. 
From smart resort wear to relaxed denim, swimwear to flowing summer dresses, and even chic kaftans, our versatile hat seamlessly integrates into any wardrobe. Protecting your skin from harsh UV rays while exuding effortless style, it's perfect for beach vacations, destination weddings, poolside soirees, or a day on the golf course or tennis court.
Embrace your unique style with the option to customize minor details, ensuring your hat reflects your personal flair. Contact us at maanehmillinery@gmail.com to discuss how we can tailor your hat to perfection or for more pictures. Our commitment to exclusivity means each piece is meticulously crafted, celebrating individuality with designs that transcend trends and inspire lasting impressions.

synthetic cape straw

Universal fit. Inner band padding provided for extra comfort

6 inch brim, 10 inch length